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Episode 100: Nick Gaza WSG: Dobie Maxwell


Nick Gaza is a funny, sick and often twisted individual. His act is a mixture of hilarious true stories and things we can only hope aren't true. Nick makes fun of everyone: the audience, himself, and anyone who gets in his sights. His comedy knows no limits, so be warned! But if you are the kind of person who laughs at things you know you shouldn't, then Nick's comedy show is something you must see.
If Nick looks familiar to you it may be because you may have seen him in one of his numerous television appearences, including The Drew Carey Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Becker, Comedy Central and more...
Nick has not only entertained here in America but he has performed all over the world including England, Ireland, Germany and for our troops in Afghanistan. If you want to laugh hard then come on out for one of the funniest comedy shows around!
I also caught up with Dobie Maxwell who has started a podcast with Sami Parker called Just My Type that is all about diabetes. Dobie & Sami represent type-1 and type-2 diabetes and they talk about all the facets of diabetes including diet, medicine, & misconceptions. Check out Just My Type on all the apps and at the link below.
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I mentioned Just My Type Podcast which is cohosted by former guest, Dobie Maxwell. You can check it out here:
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