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Behind The Bits with Scott Curtis - Episode 14: Bob Zany

Bob Zany has been one of my favorite comedians from the first time I saw him. His crowd work is the best I've seen. We talked about the state of comedy now, giving comics chances on stage, and how to be on the same page as your audience. If everything goes as planned, Bob has a new special coming out on DryBar Comedy:DryBar ComedyCheck out Bob's Website:Bob ZanyMake sure to follow Bob on Twitter:Bob Zany TwitterIf you like the show, you can follow us on social media! Isn't that great!FacebookTwitterInstagramAnd..if you want to see some of my comedy, you can check out my YouTube Channel and heck, maybe subscribe!BTB YouTubePlease give us a review on Apple Podcasts & Stitcher! It's really easy and helps us get heard!