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Binge-worthy — like Ozark for comedians

What a relief to listen to a comedy pod that gets down to business with a host who asks great questions and steps aside to let guests open up. Open, honest, fascinating conversations for people who care about funny.

Fantastic Host!

It’s my absolute favorite to step into the minds of comedians! Scott, as a thoughtful and insightful host walks us right in there. I can’t tell you how happy I am having found this show! Can’t wait, to listen to some back episodes that I’ve missed and the new ones that are going to come out!! Rock on Scott!

Great cast and guy

Scott and Dean Martin are 2 of my faves looking forward to more!!

I love this show

Scott Curtis is a fantastic host and has amazing guests. Scott’s an amazing interviewer who loves to spotlight his guests and showcase amazing talent to the world. Add this podcast to your list.

Great behind the scenes shows

Ever wanted to know what goes into a stand up show? How comedians do what they do? This is the show. Scott is a great interviewer and gets the most of his guests. Great listen

Top notch comedy podcast

Scott is doing a great job and putting a lot of effort in his podcast. A must listen to podcast for comics or people just interested in comedy. Great guests and interviews plus lots of other great content like comedy talk shows and contests.

Soooo funny

Hilarious and deep at the same time. Incredible

Love your podcast! Thank you so much!

This is the most insane comedy podcast I have ever listened. Extremely funny and smart. I can't believe I have not found it before.

For comics at any level

The BTB podcast delves into the details about stand-up in such a unique way. By listening to this podcast, you have a chance to hear from comedians of all walks of life; Scott is an awesome interviewer & is so genuinely interested in learning about comedy that you feel like you’re right there with him when comics tell him about their lives. Guests discuss funny bits, mishaps, & even serious stuff - highly recommend to all comics & anyone who appreciates the art of humor.

A must for comics!

This is a must for comics to learn from the pros.

The Greatest Podcast Ever!

This is the funniest most entertaining podcast I’ve ever heard.


Thoroughly entertaining, absurdly hilarious, and quite insightful podcast!

Insightful and hilarious

Thanks for the behind the scenes, oh wait now I get it...behind the bits of these comedians. Some huge names here, so thank you for the access to these comedians. Others who are super talented and hard working who are just as interesting. Love listening. Thanks for the content!

Inspiring information

Great collect of guest and insight on stand-up comedy!

Great topic

The idea of stand up is frightening. The idea of starting a podcast about stand up is probably equally frightening. Scott hits the subject with fearlessness that is requisite for a comedian!


This is a great teaching podcast. I learned so much from the episode with Mark. Everyone has different experiences but this podcast helps you realize teachable moments can be found in any situation. Great energy throughout the episode. Awesome job 👍

Anthony Moses

I love everything about comedy so this show is right up my alley. Keep rocking!!!


I enjoyed listening to the show, I have subscribed and I will be running in! Good stuff, keep going. I like hearing the stories!

Very insightful and honest

Great to hear the background stories and experiences shared

Love it.

I’m a huge fan of stand up comedy and I love seeing a more in depth look at the craft and business, well done, take a listen, you won’t regret it!

Great pod

It’s nice getting the background of people. The first episode is great as he seems to be a real ally. Just a great story

Great comedy podcast

This podcast is a great listen and gets deep into the lives of stand-up comics. A must listen!