July 16, 2020

Epsiode 29: John Poveromo WSG: Mark Dreskin

Epsiode 29: John Poveromo WSG: Mark Dreskin

John Poveromo is a New Jersey based comedian who uses his personal angst as tool to create great stand-up comedy. We talked about how he built his act and learned on the road. We also talked about his lifelong struggle with depression. John wrote and stars in a short film which shows how his depression has affected him and has a hopeful ending. That film is called Duppet and is worth a watch.

John & I also talked about one of his sets which I consider to be a great "Comedy 101" teaching set with it's structure. You can see that set here:

John at DC Improv

I also got to talk to Mark Dreskin who is host of the podcast What 2 Watch Live. Mark is at the beginning of an already great podcast that takes a genre and explores all the TV and Film Mark can fit into the show. I really enjoy the format and Mark is a great host. Check it out here:

What 2 Watch Live

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