Oct. 12, 2020

Episode 41: Scott Hardiman

Episode 41: Scott Hardiman

This episode is big change of pace.I talked to Scott Hardiman who is a Life and Confidence Coach. Now, I know we've all had times as comedians where we could use some more confidence and lack of confidence might be holding us back. Scott and I talked about gaining the confidence you need to take your career to the next level. I also asked him a lot of hypothetical questions specific to comedy to try to stump him. Take a listen to see if I did!

Here's Scott's story:

A lot of my teenage and adult life I suffered with low confidence and low self-esteem. It was a feeling I just accepted, and thought this was the way I was and always would be.

​Naturally, when you never see yourself in a positive light, you doubt the decisions you make and constantly seek approval it is bound to come to a head. For me that was in the form of anxiety, which if you’ve never experienced, can be extremely debilitating.

It was at my lowest that I had a realisation I HAD to change and find ways to combat my anxiety and the way I was feeling. I became fascinated with how I could take myself out of the hole I was in. I put all my energy into it and worked hard on myself everyday. I found the answers and succeeded in overcoming the biggest battle of my life. 

​In the job I was in I worked my way up to general manager and trained as a personal trainer in my spare time.

I then decided to take the plunge into self-employed life as a personal trainer and that is when I found that I was helping my clients, not just with their body goals, but in developing an empowering mindset, full of belief and confidence and ways to deal with life and the challenges it brings.

​I felt so passionate about it and fell in love with what I was doing. This passion led me to dive even DEEPER into the way our minds work. I read tons of books, attended life changing courses and completed certifications to enable me to use what I know to help others.

This realisation was the most empowering feeling and I naturally transitioned from personal training into life and confidence coaching.

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