Jan. 23, 2020

Episode 4: Marc Sheffler

Episode 4: Marc Sheffler

From Marc's Bio:When Marc Sheffler was approaching his eighth birthday, his father asked him what he wanted.

From Marc's Bio:

When Marc Sheffler was approaching his eighth birthday, his father asked him what he wanted. Without hesitation, Marc asked his dad for The Three Stooges -- and his dad got them, hiring the famous slapstick threesome to perform at his party in front of him and his very lucky guests. That afternoon The Stooges brought Marc on stage with them as part of their act and made him the “Fourth Stooge.” That’s the where, when and how Marc Sheffler got bitten by the bug.

About 10 years later, Marc began his professional career as a stage actor in Off-Broadway theater. His best-known film role is that of the teenage “Junior Stillo” in Wes Craven’s first film, Last House on the Left (1972). After Last House, Marc decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, writing and producing. He has appeared at the Improv, the Comedy Store on Sunset, and his name is inscribed on the Comedy Store Wall of Fame along with contemporaries Jay Leno, Robin Williams, David Letterman and Billy Crystal.

His writing and producing credits include Sister, Sister, Harry and The Hendersons, Who's the Boss, and Charles in Charge to name but a few. He's also been involved with many pilots, made for TV movies, and television specials. He also worked with Mel Blanc, the voice of Warner Bros. cartoons, as the writer of How Bugs Bunny Won The West (1978).

In 2002, Marc turned his attention to feature films and with Marlon Parry, produced David DeFalco’s controversial Chaos and in 2006, he co-wrote and produced another horror film, Girls Gone Dead. After over 30 years of writing and producing, he is now directing.

In 2010, Marc supervised the writing of the pilot and second episode for Oh Telon, a half hour sitcom at EICTV, and became the first person ever to executive produce a sitcom in Cuba.

Marc now teaches writing comedy for the screen and TV at Loyola Marymount.

Check out Marc's new character: El Yid on Argus Hamilton's Comedy Store Tonight:

El Yid


Marc was a fantastic guest. Lots of good advice and some great stories in this episode. 

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