Serious Comedy Talk
April 4, 2023

Episode 145: Cody Webb

Episode 145: Cody Webb
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Cody Webb is a Portland-based standup comedian and content creator with 178,000 followers and 8 million likes on his TikTok channel. In the conversation, Cody discussed how he started taking stand up more seriously after he graduated and then COVID hit, inspiring him to look for a way to entertain himself through content creation. He explained that there is a difference between his stand up comedy and his TikTok content, as stand up generally has more time to develop a joke, whereas with TikTok, you have to grab the attention of viewers immediately and keep that energy.

Cody is doing a great job in keeping creative and using his TikTok fame to build a stand-up comedy following. Our “Is This Anything” session was a great joke writing session. I think I liked Cody’s a little more than mine but we both decided our jokes were worth a try on stage.

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