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Oct. 4, 2022

Episode 125: Dewayne White

Episode 125: Dewayne White

Dewayne White is a DC-based standup comedian who performs all over the country. He’s a combat-wounded veteran who served in the Army for 23 years. His humor is drawn from his unique take on his military experience, his life as a husband and father, and the general craziness of life.

Dewayne started performing standup with the Armed Services Arts Partnership’s Comedy Bootcamp, a crash course in standup comedy for veterans and family members which he now teaches. Dewayne has worked alongside amazing comedians like Josh Blue, Sal Vulcano, Seth Herzog, Rob Riggle, Jackie Kashian, Ryan Niemiller, Tony Woods, PJ Walsh, and many others. Dewayne was a finalist in the "Last DC Comic Standing” and Magooby’s Joke House’s comedian of the year competition. He also produces shows throughout the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area. 

Dewayne and I talked about:

-     His starting comedy after retiring from the military

-     Starting his own shows

-     Having a supportive spouse

-     Teaching comedy to people coming out of the military

-     Learning from established headliners

-     Washington DC area comedians (and how cool they are)

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