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July 12, 2022

Episode 117: Tyson Cox

Episode 117: Tyson Cox

Tyson Cox loves comedy, plain and simple. Chasing this dream he’s slept in his cramped car and flown on… cramped airplanes. But in his travels he’s made memories, fans, and friends. This joy can be felt when he performs and it has lead him to get the chance to do things he only dreamed of when growing up on a farm.

He’s performed all over this country at many great clubs, casinos, bars, basements, open fields, and army bases. He’s shared the stage with a few celebrities sure but he's also got to perform with and impress his personal favorites, and a few scoundrels. [You know who you are]

He also uses his powers for good, he gives back by putting on a monthly comedy show benefitting the Indianapolis Humane Society.

If you’re a fan of the underdog or chasing a dream then you should probably catch his next show. Or not, I’m not your dad.

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