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Sept. 6, 2022

Easy Passive Income for Comedians & Other People Who Need Money

Easy Passive Income for Comedians & Other People Who Need Money

Inflation is the Worst!

We're all trying to eat, pay the rent, and fill up the tank. The trouble is, we're making less money and there are only so many hours in the day to work! I've found a few good ways to make a little extra cash with little to no effort. 

I tried quite a few different passive income methods and the ones listed made the cut. Some of these may or may not apply to you but hopefully there will be a few that give you enough to get some nuggets at McDonald's!


Fetch Rewards is the easiest way to rack up points for gift cards to tons of retailers & restaurants from Amazon to Burger King. You can also redeem for cash cards! Fetch is super-easy to signup and use. EVERY receipt you get from any store, restaurant, food truck, hotel, etc gives you points! You can also connect your email and Amazon accounts for Fetch to automatically scan for receipts. 

Fetch also has items that give extra points. Last month had Pepsi products featured and I got a lot of points because I have a Diet Pepsi problem. I spend about 20 seconds uploading a receipt and another 20 seconds to scan my email & Amazon accounts and get easy points. 

I've accumulated $10 worth of points in 2 weeks and I'm not really trying! You can use the QR code to signup or just download Fetch on Android or iOS and use code B9QBQ3 to get 2,000 points right away! That's $2 to start!


Kryptex is not for everyone but if you have a computer with a GPU like Nvidia or Radeon, you can get into Crytpo mining without the hassle of having to know how Crypto or mining works. You download a client onto your PC, setup your account, and Kryptex will use your unused GPU power to mine for Crypto. I'm currently using this on one older PC with an 8GB GPU and am making about $30 per month. It truly is set-it and forget-it. 

You can redeem your earnings for cash, gift cards, & of course, Crypto Currency! I got my 1st Amazon gift card in about 10 minutes after redeeming. 

You can sign up RIGHT HERE and start earning right away!

If you have to buy gas to get to a gig, this app is for you! Open the app, find the nearest gas station, buy gas, & get cash back! This one might take a little longer to build up funds but it works like Gas Buddy while giving you up to 15 cents back on each gallon of gas you buy! Most gas stations participate so you'll find one nearby when you have to fill up. Some grocery stores and restaurants also participate so you can earn even more money back.

This one may take awhile to get to payout of $10 but you can get cash or a number of gift cards when you have the funds available. The "upside" here is it's really easy and helps you find the cheapest gas in the area while earning cash back. 

You can sign up RIGHT HERE and get 15 cents back on your first tank of gas!

Okay, I'll admit that Free Cash is a little more of a pain in the ass than some of these but the rewards are quicker and payouts are bigger! I earned $50 in week on this one. You can download and play games, try apps, take surveys, signup for emails, and more to earn points. I was able to get to $50 with no money out of pocket and not too much time invested. 

The downside is the surveys can be painful as you invest 10 minutes into one and then you're disqualified. That can be frustrating. The upside is you can get big points for downloading an app and opening it up for a few days. I'm on my way to my 2nd $50 and will probably have it in another week. The offers change quite a bit so you get new stuff every day. 

Sign up RIGHT HERE and make sure to use thebtbpc as your referral code!

Honeygain is another totally passive income generator like Kryptex. This one takes your unused bandwidth and sells it to companies who need to get around location based restrictions. It's on the up and up and is totally passive income! Don't forget to sign in every day to open the Honey Pot and get extra points. 

You'll get $5 for signing up RIGHT HERE

Mobile Performance Meter is available on Android only. You just download the app, give it permissions to see your entire life and earn points. There are surveys available to earn more points that are pretty quick and easy. It doesn't drain your battery or slow things down. It just monitors what you do on your phone. If you're not comfortable with that, you should pass on this one.

If you are okay with being monitored you can sign up RIGHT HERE 


If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope you find some methods to help you make some extra money without a lot of effort. If you have some other passive income generating apps or sites, shoot me an email to and I'll give them a try!