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Easy Passive Income for Comedians & Other People Who Need Money

Inflation is the Worst! We're all trying to eat, pay the rent, and fill up the tank. The trouble is, we're making less money and there are only so many hours in the day to work! I've found a few good ways to make a little extra cash with little to …

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Two Undeniably Funny Comedians

Before I start this blog entry, I want to make sure you, the reader, understands my point of view. I have been a fan of stand-up comedy for nearly 50 years and have been performing stand-up VERY part-time for the last 6 years. I’m not a great …

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Is Virtual Comedy Making Newbie Comedians Funnier Faster?

I recently hosted the three preliminary rounds of the Behind the Bits Comedy Contest. Each round had 7 comedians perform for a total of 21 performances. The comedians scored themselves and the top 2 scorers are going on to the final round. I was sur…

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