Serious Comedy Talk
July 30, 2020

A Brief Announcement

A Brief Announcement
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We're moving to Tuesday episode releases. Take a quick listen to some podcasts I like. Links are below:

Kerrit Podcast – Gerrit Elzinga and Kevin McCarthy talk about random stuff 


This Better Be Good – Gerrit Elzinga and Mike Logan review a movie before and after they see it. So, they talk about if they think they like the movie then they actually watch it and see if they actually do like it. 

 How to Surive in America 

Robert Jenkins 

This is the story of a man on a quest to learn skills that will help him survive if Trump wins re-election. 

There You Go with Trent Mabry 

Trent gives advice to people who as for advice on some weird stuff. 

The Mike Banks Show 

Mike Banks talks to comics in Northwest Indiana and all over. 

Pressing the Limits
Jon Bruney 

Growing the whole person through mind, body, & spirit. 


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