Behind The Bits - Serious Comedy Talk

Behind The Bits - Serious Comedy Talk

Every week, Scott Curtis talks serious with comedians about their craft. Were they inspired by Dave Chappelle or George Carlin, Paula Poundstone or Iliza Shlesinger? How do they write their comedy sets? Which jokes work and which one's failed? How do you find your comedic voice? We hit these topics every week so that you and I can learn from the professional comedians who have blazed the trail for us.

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Repeat Episode: Dwight Simmons

July 28, 2021

Since, I am hamstringed by my current bandwidth and having no space for interviews, I'm bringing back one of my favorites. I got to see Dwight Simmons at Epic Comedy Hour for their 10th Anniversary show here in Huntsville. I was pleased to see that...

Episode 75: Todd Glass

July 13, 2021

Todd Glass has been performing comedy since he was a teenager in Philly. He’s gotten really good at it. With a mix of silliness, observations about our culture, and a message of “Hey, let’s not take ourselves so seriously.” Todd is a draw wherever he...

Episode 74: Bob Fredricks

June 29, 2021

Bob Fredricks started stand-up 10 years ago and released his debut album “Burger Prince” last year. He’s run and promoted shows for most of his career and has a lot of insight as to how to not only get better at comedy but be someone who is attractive...

Michael Palascak (Repeat)

June 22, 2021

This is a repeat of my talk with Michael Palascak. This is one of my favorite interviews and Michael drops a lot of knowledge and insight. Here’s the BTB Internet Talk Show’s Twitch Channel. Check out all their great shows!...

Episode 73: Jan Mcinnis

June 8, 2021

Jan McInnis wanted to be a comedian from a very young age. She did it and now she is a sought-after corporate comedian and keynote speaker. Jan has also written for The Tonight Show, The Wall Street Journal, & The Huffington Post (She also wrote copy...2GiS8mn3HD0TfelEjSsP

Episode 72: Phil Johnson

May 25, 2021

Phil Johnson has an action packed show filled with his two loves, comedy and music. It’s a show filled with sharp unexpected turns, sneak attack jokes, and hilarious songs that doesn’t shy away from controversial territory… race, sex, religion, and...

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